POP Headband

Lightweight headband hearing protection designed for long term use in low noise levels, or shorter exposure to medium noise levels. Also ideal for smaller heads or children! (80-100 dB)

$ 22.95

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Red, Blue, Green, Pink

Product Information

At 155 g (5.5oz), the Hellberg POP is one of the lightest noise attenuating earmuffs in the market

An excellent choice for extended use in low noise or shorter periods in medium noise environments

The POP is designed and constructed for maximum comfort including smaller head sizes and children over 5.

Exceptional quality at an unbelievable price!

EN standards approval:

Part# 11001-001, 11001-114, 11001-117, 11001-119


HML: 27-22-16

ANSI approval: ANSI S-3.19-1974

NRR: 22

CSA approval:

CSA Z94.2-02

CSA Class: B

AU/NZS approval: AU/NZS 1270:2002

SLC80: 23

Class: 4

Environmental approvals: ROHS, REACH

Weight: 154 g (5.5 oz)