Global Bluetooth Headband (#75100-004, NRR 27, CSA:A)

European style, limited stock Classic Electronic Hearing Protection with wireless connection to Bluetooth devices.

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  • Electronic Hearing Protection with wireless connection to Bluetooth devices
  • Designed for reliable communication in industrial noise without the hassle of wires
  • Extremely easy to use and made to perform in even the harshest workplace environments

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Features & Benefits

  • Plug-in “Noise-Suppressing” electret microphone
  • Rechargeable lithium battery delivers 10 hours per charge
  • Supports “Voice-Command” calling
  • Full “Duplex with Sidetone” for ultimate safety
  • Clear transmission and reception of messages in high noise environments
  • Multi-function “LED” indicator
  • User friendly “Mode-Button” and volume knob
  • Advanced “Electronic Protection System” (EPS) limits all sounds over the speakers to a safe level (maximum of 80 dB)
  • External 3.5mm input can connect to a variety of electronic audio devices
  • Twin-top headband design delivers superior comfort while maintaining constant pressure
  • Headband can swing down to be worn behind the neck
  • Cap mount fits most North American Helmets
  • Ball joint pressure system ensures constant force and is tested for up to 10,000 “in-out” oscillations (good for more than five years)
  • Compatible with Hellberg Safe Visor Systems
  • Single-point attachment distributes pressure evenly ensuring maximum performance
  • Smooth sliders allow for easy cup adjustment and fit
  • Soft wide replaceable cushions provide comfortable seal around the ear
  • Bevelled top portion of cups enable the muffs to fit beneath the edge of your hardhat
  • Made with lightweight, high quality components for easy maintenance and long life
  • 100% di-electric parts

Product Info

Headband Model #75100-004: NRR 25dB CSA “A”

Cap Mount Model #75100-164: NRR 24 dB CSA “A”


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