Safe-2 Helmet Visor Holder

Hellberg visor attachment, compatible with all Hellberg visors and with most safety helmets on the market

$ 15.02$ 17.20

Product Information

Safe 2 has a unique design that allows you to mount a Hellberg visor on your safety helmet, whether you use hearing protection or not.

The range of 4 visor carriers, Standard and FLEX, straight and low, plus multiple choices of slot adapters adds compatibility to most safety helmets on the market.

The Standard carrier with its robust frame and light weight make a perfect application for the construction industry or machinery worker. The FLEX carrier is developed to prevent rain, dust and other particles from falling in to the wearer’s eyes. Equipped with an extra rubber part that seals off the gap between carrier and helmet brim, it’s the top 1 choice for workers in areas like forestry, heavy industry and mining.


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